April 2020
Southern Trip Itinerary(Cancelled) <---- Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda       ||     Actual----> CoronaVirus Itinerary
Helene's B"Day , April 2nd Dad's Puzzle And Toon Turkeys Yikes!
Who Is That Masked Man? Trip Never Happened April 6, 2020
Cheryl's Garden Power's Farm (Park) Stir Fry ...Etc.
FMA Zoom Meeting Rogue Bumper Guard A Very Different Easter
"LIGHTS OUT" Tree Hits Glenn's Condo Ride Through Avon
Working Outside Styling Oven Disaster
Snow Storm ! Yikes! Toons - Sign of The Times #1 Interesting Stuff
On Our Walk Toons - Sign of The Times #2 .

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