February 2015 (A Living Groundhog Day Saga)
Super Bowl XLIX Sunday Happy B'Day...Yeah Right Super Bowl Championship Parade
All Set To Camp! Front Of House Feb. 7, 2015 Track Meet _ Feb 8th
During Storm Feb. 9 (Morning) Feb 10 (after Storm) Compare Feb.7th - Feb.10th
Other Photos _ Feb 10th Leak - Ohoh Shovel Front Roof
Shovel Patio Roof Do It Again! Feb 15 Panorama
Feb 15 Photos Clear Roofs Again Panorama Du Jour
Clear Patio Roof & Clear Camper Roof Chop Channels & Finish Clearing Roof The Saga Continues
Panorama Du Jour (Feb. 19) Expecting More Snow, Ice & Rain Another 2" Of Slush
Panorama Du Jour (Feb. 22) A Week Later - Ugh! Celtics - Hornets Feb. 27

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